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→Remains (acoustic)
· i love this song.i agree with cbwell…
Audio Review07-21-2009 · 07:47 PM
→Why cant I let you go
· wow is all i can say.great job the vocals…
Audio Review07-21-2009 · 07:30 PM
· the songs really good.and i love the cars…
Lyrics Review07-21-2009 · 07:22 PM
→Not Spam..... more of a question
· oh man i love VAULT.good luck
The Pit07-05-2009 · 03:44 AM
→Rock Bottom
· great job.the song rules and its so true.
Lyrics Review05-20-2009 · 02:10 AM
· i like it
Lyrics Review05-15-2009 · 11:29 AM
→Hey guys, just wanted to tell u…
· i would love to win a free guitar!!!! :D …
The Pit05-06-2009 · 01:00 AM
→My new G&L Guitar from '87
· wow those are really beautiful guitars!
The Pit04-30-2009 · 12:12 AM
→Welcome To, Dead Mans Lake
· awesome lryics
Lyrics Review04-30-2009 · 12:08 AM
→This is My Angry Song =P
· dude i love this song.i love angry…
Lyrics Review04-04-2009 · 01:11 AM
→I'll Never Let You Fall
· man this is such a great song.its one of…
Lyrics Review03-31-2009 · 05:38 AM
→The Stars Are Safe
· its pretty good.i like the concept of th…
Lyrics Review03-27-2009 · 05:42 AM
→and she cries v.1 (now completed)
· its really good for just a song that just…
Lyrics Review03-16-2009 · 05:41 AM
→You Should Dance The Night Away
· oh man another great song i like how the…
Lyrics Review03-14-2009 · 03:50 AM
→A Rose Has It's Thorns
· i love this song its so true.keep the…
Lyrics Review03-11-2009 · 04:57 AM
→A Rose Has It's Thorns
· i like it.its very true keep the songs…
Lyrics Review03-10-2009 · 10:09 PM
· that sounds like a great idea.
The Pit03-07-2009 · 10:34 PM
· nice job.it does have quirky feel.
Audio Review02-21-2009 · 04:54 PM
→I'm Going Out With a Bang
· yea thats how life makes us stronger.
Lyrics Review02-19-2009 · 07:55 AM
→I Love you(written for Erika…
· you are a great song writer keep up the…
Lyrics Review02-19-2009 · 07:50 AM
→Fantasy Land /Collab
· good job.and the song is amazing
Audio Review02-17-2009 · 03:27 PM
· wow good song.
Lyrics Review02-17-2009 · 12:23 PM
→I'm Going Out With a Bang
· wow i like this song.sorry for whatever…
Lyrics Review02-17-2009 · 12:02 PM
→I Love you(written for Erika…
· beautiful song
Lyrics Review02-17-2009 · 11:06 AM
→Johnnie and the Devil
· wow i love it.i really like the theme of…
Lyrics Review02-12-2009 · 10:29 PM
→Not Today
· wow great job.
Audio Review02-09-2009 · 03:07 AM
→first one.....go easy....:O)
· this is a good song.great job on meshing…
Lyrics Review01-24-2009 · 04:11 PM
→Fantasy Land
· really great song.you have such a talent…
Lyrics Review01-22-2009 · 08:13 PM
→Favorite Lyricist/Songwriter
· jim morrison
The Pit01-20-2009 · 05:43 PM
→Favorite Classic Bands
· the doors are amazing the kinks kiss…
The Pit01-20-2009 · 05:33 PM
→Getting Married!
· did you write your song for your friend.
The Pit01-18-2009 · 04:17 PM
→rastafari anyone?
· ive only smoked pot twice.but it helped…
The Pit01-18-2009 · 12:30 AM
→Merry Christmas Bandamp !!!!! Is…
· merry christmas
Announcements12-25-2008 · 07:50 PM
→New Years Resolutions?
· I will get my life together.save money…
The Pit12-25-2008 · 07:47 PM
→just need an opinion
· its not a stupid name.and if you guys…
The Pit12-14-2008 · 04:51 PM
· i like this song. i can relate to it
Lyrics Review12-13-2008 · 04:47 PM
→By Way of Loving You
· thats a pretty good song for three…
Lyrics Review12-10-2008 · 03:36 AM
→No Matter
· wow that is an amazing song.you write the…
Lyrics Review11-12-2008 · 04:50 AM
→I Tried (And I Tried)
· yeah those both are really awesome.you…
Lyrics Review10-31-2008 · 12:45 AM
→No Subject…
· this is beautiful
Audio Review09-24-2008 · 08:01 PM
→So Blue 2
· sweet that was good.
Audio Review09-24-2008 · 07:49 PM
→07 Ill Be All
· wow this is an awesome song!
Audio Review09-24-2008 · 07:41 PM

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